Social Intelligence Platform for Healthcare

Binary Fountain is a leading provider of patient feedback management solutions designed specifically for healthcare in a single cloud-based platform. Its patient experience platform is built on a proprietary healthcare-centric Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that mines patient feedback from surveys, online ratings and review sites, social media, and other data sources to equip its customers with the actionable insights needed to improve patient satisfaction and loyalty, increase engagement and drive sustainable bottom-line results.

Syndicate partners: HLM Venture Partners, Pioneer Ventures

Binary Stars Case Study

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It has truly been a great experience to have Providence Ventures as a partner in Binary Fountain. Their investment comes in many different forms: money, advice, opening of doors to other partners and potential customers, and an internal champion within their own organization. They spend the time to understand your business and then help you execute on your plan. What more can a CEO ask?
— Ramu Potarazu, CEO