Sqord Hires Paul Sebastien as CEO Positioning the Company for Rapid Growth

Sqord, which provides kids with a fun way to track and share their physical activity, is excited to announce Paul Sebastien is joining the company as CEO. Sqord has been a portfolio company of Providence Ventures since 2014 and has been highly engaged with the communities Providence serves. Paul joins co-founder Coleman Greene to help guide Sqord through the next stage of rapid growth.

Paul’s background spans executive leadership roles in online gaming and entertainment platforms including Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation. In addition, Paul has been involved in all phases of the start-up lifecycle and has been part of the top leadership of these companies and participated in multiple successful exits, including acquisitions by T-Mobile and Disney.

Paul, along with the rest of the Sqord team, looks forward to building upon the strong relationships they have already created with Providence and other community partners and expanding rapidly beyond.

Below, Paul talks about what attracted him to Sqord, and what he sees in the future for Sqord and its relationship with Providence.

Why did Sqord feel like a good fit for you?

In many ways it bridges a number of different things in my past coupled with my personal interest in using technology to drive healthy lifestyle and healthy habits. I have such a passion for health and motivating kids to adopt health habits at that critical 8-14 age when habits are formed.

What will be your priorities as CEO?

Sqord is in such a unique position because they’ve been able to prove that there is a real need to get kids to form healthy habits during those years where lifelong habits are formed and come up with an effective way to do that. Sqord has been validated by rollouts in Snohomish County, Alaska and Portland as well as in other communities across Providence’s health system.

Our focus will be on aggressively building out our great team in Seattle and filling out core team members and core functions that have been missing. We’ve been able to do deployments that have proven out the platform, but now we need to build out the team and get them focused on hitting some exciting growth goals for this year and in the future.

What made you interested in Sqord?

I’ve been watching Sqord closely over the last year, and I’ve just been so excited about the potential. It’s such a massive opportunity on a number of levels. Kids and parents are being underserved with solutions for getting kids to become more active and it’s a huge problem.  Childhood Obesity is at epidemic levels. There’s a massive drop off rate for physical activity around age eight and it’s a critical point in a kid’s life when she is forming habits around diet and movement. It’s getting worse as kids spend more time with games and mobile devices. Sqord is unique. Sqord uses technology and entertainment together to address the problem in a proven way with demonstrated results.

What’s next for Sqord?

With more and more of the product out there, we can really tweak and optimize the software/gaming side of the service to find ways to get kids even more excited as well as solve for the needs of parents. Parents now have the ability to encourage healthy habits through a fun and rewarding, tech-enabled tool.

How do you see Providence’s future role with Sqord?

It’s a huge advantage to be a Providence Ventures-funded company because Providence’s core strategy aligns so perfectly with the Sqord mission. There is such a synergy between both organizations.

Providence’s core strategy is to create healthier communities, together. This dovetails perfectly with Sqord’s mission to engage kids in healthy behavior including strong community involvement.

Our relationship with Providence allows us to test and scale the product in multiple different scenarios including schools, community organizations, health plans, and, as an employer itself, with over 75,000 caregivers. The broader Providence Innovation team also has many former Amazon executives who have been very helpful in giving us advice as we get Sqord ready for broader retail distribution.

We’re looking forward to leveraging what we’ve learned working with Providence as we enter into these broader markets beyond Providence which will allow us to have a positive impact on millions of kids in their habit-forming years.